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Congratulations to all the winners! Our 2013 specialties were a little cold and wet this year but we had a wonderful turn out. Usually the weather is a little to hot but this year it seemed more like late fall than July. Thank you to everyone who brought something to share for our lunch and special thanks to Donna and Tom for getting everything together for the delicious lunch. A big thank you to Jean & Roy Adelman for all their years of service to the Boxer Club of Milwaukee. Hope to see everyone next year....

Waukesha show Sweeps Judge Laura Cuthbert
Waukesha show Sweeps
Waukesha show Judge Shilon L Bedfor
Waukesha show Ring Steward Marylou Mader
Waukesha show Waukesha show Judge Cheri Holmes
Waukesha show Winners Dog line up
Waukesha show
Waukesha show winners bitch line up
Waukesha show, Thanks Jean & Roy!
Waukesha show Jean & Roy Adelman
Waukesha show Waukesha show Judge Cheri Holmes